Types of Gold

Gold is one of the precious metals used in jewelry and as money. It occurs naturally in nuggets in underground veins. The quality of gold alloys used in jewelry is measured by carats, sometimes spelled karat. The highest quality is 24 carat, with qualities ranging all the way down to 9 carat. Most jewelry is 10 or 14 carat.

Yellow gold is the most common alloy, made by combining pure gold with copper and silver. Other types of gold are:

There is also a difference in the color of gold depending on the carat quality. In yellow gold, the higher the number carat the more yellow the color of the gold. However, in rose gold, 9 carat has a deeper rose color than 18 carat. Both 9 carat and 18 carat white gold have the same color, especially when they are coated with rhodium.