Necklaces are items of jewelry worn around the neck, usually made of a precious metal and sometimes containing a locket or medallion. They can also be made of beads or wood and contain various precious stones. Throughout history, both men and women have worn them as adornments. In some cultures, wearing a necklace denoted wealth or a high rank in the social standing of the community. Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans wore necklaces containing gold and gems.

Today men and women still wear necklaces of varying lengths to compliment their outfits. For men, the necklace of choice is a silver or gold chain, while women wear many different types of neck jewelry. In addition to the simple gold chain, some of the different types of necklaces women wear include:

Each of these necklace styles compliments a certain style of clothing. The collar style of necklace is usually about 13 inches in length and can be worn with V-neck or boat neck designs or off the shoulder clothing. The choker looks perfect when you wear it with a buttoned up blouse. Leave the first few buttons open to show off the necklace.

A matinee necklace that rests at the top of the cleavage is the type to choose when you are wearing a sundress or clothing with a high neckline. It is great for both formal and informal occasions and adds elegance to your outfit.